Join us for a 2 hour guided journey with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Mantra Chanting and Relaxation


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The Wellbeing Session is a 2-hour guided yogic journey to de-stress, renew, energise and improve health in a friendly yoga community of all ages, nationalities and abilities, that shares a love for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness. It’s an effective monthly health boost as well as an awesome start to your weekend.

The Wellbeing Session uses Kundalini Yoga, meditation, relaxation, and mantra chanting to guide you on a revitalising journey and unique energetic experience.

Wellbeing Sessions focus on major energy centres in the body known as chakras, helping to clear blockages allowing natural energy flow through them correctly. With each session you heal imbalances in body and mind, allowing you to connect with a strong sense of well-being and the present moment.

Who is it suitable for?

This workshop on self-discovery and inner-awakening is very useful for everybody. It is recommended to anyone that wants to take their health to the next level, including those totally new to Kundalini Yoga. The Wellbeing Session can benefit every level of experience to bring natural relief and healing. And it works like a dream!

How does it work?

This session based on Chakras will help clear your body and open your energetic centers. We use Kundalini Yoga and Meditation techniques in a special sequence to super-oxygenate your body and open up areas of your brain to increase your vitality and total balance. It will help you to clear out old energies and leave you feeling energised and uplifted.


Yoga Room, Birmingham Buddhist Centre, 11 Park Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8AB


Saturday 18th March 2017



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Yoga Birmingham


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This event is now sold out
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Previous Wellbeing Sessions

“This was my first experience of Kundalini Yoga and it was very exciting and uplifting! I must admit I was nervous at first but after a few minutes because we practice a lot with our eyes closed I forget about my self-consciousness and relaxed completely which I was very surprised at – you made me feel very comfortable. I’ve done other forms of yoga but this was a nice mix of everything including meditation. Hema, you have a very strong yet peaceful spirit and I felt totally at ease within your care. I’ll definitely be along to the next meetup”  B
“I recommend the Wellbeing Session to anyone that enjoys starting off the weekend feeling positive and energised!” James

“Thank you again for a fabulous session on Saturday. Perhaps there ought to be a warning about feeling overwhelmingly loving afterwards – actually there probably was”
“This particular workshop was amazing for me. I really felt like I was letting go of the mind and really experiencing my divinity. Thank you So much, Hema.”
“We especially loved the chanting especially with your authentic pronunciation! Glad we have finally found a form of yoga that supports us in lots of different ways. What was the name of the tea again? See you next time.”

“Although I was a complete beginner when I first started, every month I enjoy 2 hours of renewing my entire being. Each session is exciting, different and flows beautifully into the rest of my weekend. My first experience was having done no yoga previously and I noticed the effects immediately.” Kaitlyn
“I don’t live locally to be able to attend regular classes but I come to the monthly Wellbeing Session as I now love Kundalini Yoga and get a lot from these sessions mentally, physically and spiritually. The workshop is nicely paced and I love how Hema encourages breaks and individual pace. I am more able to translate yoga into real life after coming to Hema’s classes. Her practice and love for teaching is apparent in each session. I am already looking forward to the next!”