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“I had previously only ever practiced Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. I started Kundalini Yoga at a time of uncertainty in my life, and after just two sessions I felt a burst of positivity and productivity, and things started falling into place. Since starting yoga with Hema lots of good things have been happening and more opportunities seem to be coming my way. I feel better physically and emotionally which has a lot to do with Hema’s teaching and her ability to make you feel calm and comfortable each session. I really enjoy how every session is different and how you can practice at your level. I would highly recommend starting the journey!” Francesca

“Everytime I come out of this class I feel calm and relaxed, both physically and mentally. I love the “no straining performance, just well-being” attitude of the teacher, Hema. This doesn’t mean there’s no challenge, it just means everything is done with acute self-awareness. With Kundalini Yoga I also learned new ways of breathing and meditating that I had never seen in other yoga classes. I’d recommend to anybody (beginners, advanced, injured, not-injured) to try it.”

“I’m a wife and mum. I had been suffering from chronic insomnia for over 20 years, which was holding me back in many ways. This year I reached a stage in my life when I decided it was time to focus on me and a new phase. I did Hatha yoga for exercise and flexibility over 10 years ago but never really reaped the benefits. I heard about Kundalini Yoga and it’s effect on the Nervous System and Glandular System and found Hema’s class and went along. I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. I left feeling lighter and calmer plus I had the best sleep in ages. I later got in touch with Hema to see whether I would benefit from a 1:1 coaching session. I took the Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Fundamentals 2.5 hour training with her. Through working with Hema one-to-one I’ve gained a better understanding of energy fields, breathing techniques and chakras. Each morning I look forward to my At-Home Kundalini Yoga practice and have started seeing some amazing results. I now have a deeper sense of who I am and what I’m capable of. Hema works with love and purpose, I like her energy and kindness; she is very inspiring and has helped me nourish my body, mind and soul. I definitely recommend Hema’s work to anyone looking for transformation especially on a conscious level.” Gurjit

I have been practicing Hatha and Ashtanga yoga for a long time until I hear about Kundalini Yoga around four months ago. Three classes and one wellness sessions have got me results that are unmatchable. For the first time in years, I’ve had compliments from friends and colleagues about a “glow” to my skin. For me, personally, KY has manifested an energy that was untapped as I feel much more connected with my daily meditations too. I feel fortunate to have Hema as my first KY teacher, as I love her energy and dedication to ensure the classes are beginner friendly. I’d highly recommend anyone to give it a try.” Aakriti

“I have recently become self-employed / an entrepreneur after leaving my career of 22 years, which, during the last 3 years had become unbearable as I had suffered extremely high levels of stress resulting in adrenal stress, delayed grief and other stress-related ailments. After a recovery period of a year, I have sought various ways to live my life more authentically. I had specifically been looking for Kundalini Yoga and was so glad when I came across Hema’s group. My first experience of Kundalini Yoga was a workshop with Hema, a 2 hour Chakra journey which was challenging but really enjoyable. I felt as though a weight and feeling of slight emptiness was lifted from me after just that first session. I instantly knew that Kundalini Yoga was what I needed in my life. I have since enjoyed a couple of 75 minute classes. Hema is a great instructor and explains the meaning behind each motion during class which is really beneficial. Attending Hema’s yoga is definitely changing my life for the better. I am much less stressed and tend to take things much more in my stride again, a trait that I hadn’t experienced for years. I am also experiencing the feeling of less fear in my thoughts which is enabling me to perform more successfully in my business. Thank you Hema!” Dee

“I want to compliment you on your positive work. I felt good after the yoga session on Monday and I have to say that has continued throughout the week. I would go as far as to say I have felt so very much Better! I always work at my own positive mindset but I have noticed subtle changes over the last few days; in my own view and how others view me. This is because your yoga really works. I will be back on Monday that’s for sure. Thank you Hema!” J

“Just to say thanks for my first yoga class yesterday-
When I left and for hours later I was feeling overwhelming feelings of joy, love, serenity and gratitude. I’m not just saying that it was actually very strong. Looking forward to the up and coming sessions!” Charlie

“Hema is the real deal. She provides authentic yoga with thoughtful cues. She is generous with her time and energy, always available after class for questions. Her knowledge extends far beyond yoga. One of my favourite teachers and healers for sure.” Selina

“The first time I tried Kundalini Yoga was with Hema – it’s nothing like the other forms of yoga one may be used to – if you’re interested in a higher awakening of yourself in this universe, this is a class to try! I leave every class feeling more open, more awake, and more connected. I’ll be back next week!”

“Kundalini classes with Hema have been incredibly useful for me – no previous experience necessary. It’s easy to fit into my schedule, and I’ve never felt or looked better.” Chrissy

“There are no other words! Excellent! Hema is warm and friendly and will help you with anything you need. Her Reiki treatments are also awesome, you should give it a go 🙂 I will repeat for sure!” Valentina

“I don’t know how this works but when you leave the Yoga class you are just deeply happy and relaxed. wonderful! Thank you so so much.” Maren

“Great class, great teacher.. supporting me towards a great body and mind-body balance. The themed classes feel like anchor points during the week, taking a moment to stand still and focus myself and my body. Really helpful and invigorating!”

“This was an empowering yoga class with the friendly teacher Hema. I felt energised and inspired, connecting the presence of my body and mind, experiencing my own energy flow and opening my soul. Hema is leading through the exercises in a calm grounded way, with clarity and love for her work, that inspires. Can’t wait to come back for the next class!” Iva

“Kundalini Yoga is the best type of yoga practice that I have ever experienced. Before taking classes I had acute sinus problems and sometimes couldn’t even attend classes because of this. After going to lessons for approximately one month my sinus problems are almost non-existent. Overall, I also feel more calm, focused, peaceful and stronger (physically and mentally). I really wasn’t expecting to feel this good because my sole intention in regards to taking Kundalini yoga was to feel more energized, however, these extra benefits are a welcome bonus. At the beginning of taking the classes I had a bit of challenge with a particular breathing technique used in Kundalini Yoga but Hema took the time and was really patient in explaining the technique to me. Every week the classes are different, which makes you look forward to attend the classes because you know you will be getting a stimulating and energizing workout. I’m absolutely addicted to Kundalini yoga now. I only wish I could have discovered it sooner. Thank you Hema for your great classes, inspiration and caring demeanor, you make our lives so much better!” Michelle

“Re-energizing yoga in the middle of Birmingham City Centre in a Hair Salon! – you wouldn’t guess from the outside – relaxing atmosphere, cozy, laid back and welcoming. Mixed group of regulars, men/women, and newcomers. The class seems well suited for all levels. I left with a serene smile on my face – two thumbs up!!” Pat

“Great yoga class in a fantastic location with a friendly teacher who makes all levels feel welcome. I’m pretty new to yoga, but I’m definitely converted now – it’s the best yoga class I have found in town!” Emma

“I was in Birmingham for only a short visit but managed to come to the class. Relatively new to yoga, this style of yoga ticked all the boxes. The price is very fair, and the teacher is really friendly and positive – you never feel uncomfortable in the range of abilities. The well paced class takes you through stretches and breathing allowing you to simultaneously improve on both. There’s no holding a pose for minutes trying to perfect it! It ends with a relaxation, which is well needed. You’re even treated to a lovely cup of tea at the end! Strongly recommend, whatever level of yoga you are. It was good to see a healthy mix of men and women in this class too.” Fiona

“I had a great experience at this Yoga class last week. The whole atmosphere is very welcoming from the moment you arrive with Palo Santo burning and music playing. I’m a bit of a Yoga newbie so I was pleased to see that I was not alone in that! There are people of all levels. There’s a really strong focus on mindfulness, complete breathing and concluded with a deep lying relaxation. I’ve never felt so relaxed! Highly recommended.”

“Hema is a fantastic instructor. Will go again. Easy to get to and an oasis of calm in the city..!”

“I had my first Kundalini class ever with Hema. It was an amazing experience: at times playful, at other times challenging. But the most amazing thing was that it left me with a feeling of relaxation I otherwise only knew from spending a whole day at the Spa. AND my abs were visibly more defined the next day. This first class with her completely hooked me and now, almost a year later in my home in Hawaii I find myself still going to Kundalini classes every week. Thank you Hema!” Anna

“Yoga never appealed, but my friend convinced me to try it. The teacher is cool and genuine and taught me the basics beforehand; it’s a friendly group with most regulars and half guys/ girls; the yoga involved crazy breathwork and meditation and a trippy relaxation, all of which left me feeling high, back pain and insomnia gone that evening. The second session I experienced another mood overhaul which left me thinking that there’s something in this yoga stuff. I’ll be back!”

“Excellent class from Hema – warm and friendly while challenging. I learnt a lot in one class and will definitely return next time I’m in Birmingham.” Chris

“The classes are affordable and fit nicely into a busy work schedule, the teacher is incredible good and kundalini yoga speaks for itself: a profound and wonderful experience with a deep impact on life & wellbeing. That’s why I can totally recommend it!”

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