by Carolyn Cowan

“The kundalini is not exclusive to kundalini yoga. We name it and unashamedly look to open, raise, expand and know the Divine within. The lecture before the class sets the intention for the kriya and the meditation, and we allow the power of intention to magnify the experience by ten.

Add the combination of posture and pranayama, and yet another amplification of altered reality occurs. Our nervous system and our hormones alter to meet the challenge set by the intention. There are some who say we change our DNA – others who say that a year of kundalini practice is equivalent to 11 years of therapy.

The kundalini is the most divine aspect of ourselves. The spinal column is said to be the Divine in the body. In this way, science and technology meet. The marriage brings forth in each of us our most exquisite aspect, the kundalini. Our human experience has hidden this Divine within from us because we loaded our painful histories inside us, weighing our perfection down with the pain of our sufferings, attachments and traumas, until we begin to play with the kundalini, and discover that we can completely change how we feel and how we experience our version of reality.

For many, a kundalini yoga class can be the first time they meet an altered experience of themselves, because that is what kundalini brings up. The depth of experience is for you to choose. It can be a fleeting touch – you can walk away and perhaps never return, branding the experience in a number of ways: a cult, weird, too much, or nothing.

Or the Mantle of Grace descends and you realise that you have taken a step through a door, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Out of the blue, in a moment, you have awakened, unleashed, allowed, released, opened up to, discovered, uncovered, found… something that resonates so strongly, that you are destined to follow through… to keep showing up and to begin, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, to move very differently within your reality… to recognise that there is so much more depth to the human experience, and you are no longer flotsam and jetsom, being pushed or knocked from one experience to the next. The understanding comes that you have far more to say and do about your version of your reality than this world ever allowed you to know before.”

Originally published on Carolyn Cowan’s website.