Breath of fire is a key pranayam (breath technique) in Kundalini Yoga.

It is a very energising, cleansing and empowering breath technique for health and wellbeing on all levels.
 It’s the ultimate stress buster.

Benefits of breath of fire

Completely cleanses whole blood stream in 3 minutes
Stimulates weight loss
Great for quitting addictions
Magnifies the benefits of any yoga posture
Oxygenates the blood releasing toxins on a cellular level
Strengthens the nervous system – unlike other cells in the body, most neurons in the nervous system are unable to repair themselves if damaged for instance by alcohol and other toxins.
Synchronises the glands and organs in the body
Raises the voltage in the body for greater electromagnetism and energy
Produces wonderfully relaxing alpha rhythm in the brain.
Very empowering and gives presence and projection
Rejuvenating and makes you feel very vibrant.
Opens energy pathways in for more healing energy
Opens up sensitivity to healing and the body.

How to do breathe of fire

Posture is key in any pranayam. The spine should be straight, so sit crossed legged, in a chair, or even lying down. Tuck the chin in towards the chest slightly which makes the neck lock and straight to facilitate energy up into the brain region.

Breath of Fire is done through the nose.

The body stays still and relaxed, only the naval point is working.
The naval pumps in for the exhale which moves the diaphragm up pushes air out of lungs.
The naval relaxes for the inhale as the air rushes back in.
So it’s an active exhalation to create the vacuum, followed by a passive inhalation because air wants to naturally rush back in.
Emphasis the exhale, the inhale will come naturally
Practice equalizing the inhale and exhale.

Relax the face.
Relax the shoulders.

Slowly increase the power and the pace. Keep the breath rhythmic and continuous, even and smooth.

Beginners sometimes breath in the opposite way with the naval pumping in for the inhale and relaxing for the exhale. Place hand on belly to test if you’re doing it correctly and that you’re not doing it in reverse.

Kundalini Yoga’s answer to caffeine

Breath of fire gives tremendous energy. The problem with caffeine, sugar and other stimulates is that they tax the liver and weaken the Nervous System, whereas if you learn to rely on the power of your breath for energy, you will purify your liver and strengthen your Nervous System.


Breath of fire builds the nervous system and powerfully detoxes the body, so if you feel nauseous, giddy or dizzy, slow down or rest. It is a learned breath, breath of fire builds the nervous system so your first practice of it may not work over night but with time you build strength.


Omit and replace during pregnancy with long deep breathing. Omit during first few days of menstruation to avoid increase of flow Very powerful, will increase the heat so if menstruating will increase the flow.