We have a big day coming up

Without preparation and planning, there’s a good chance we find ourselves caught up in a commercial swirl of the ‘holiday season’ that leaves us depleted in more ways than one!

Winter solstice can be a profound way to tune into the magic and beauty of the season. Creating a meaningful celebration of this powerful event reminds us of the things that matter most. It’s an occasion to look deeply at small things, to feel at home in the world and to be just where you belong. It can be an occasion which helps you plant the seeds for the coming cycle.

What better way to tune into this sacred time than with the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini Yoga. We will use an ancient but beginner friendly yoga kriya (sequence of exercises/breathwork/mantra chanting) to focus on the inner warrior, taking us deeper into the winter and heart of self, to the inner energy transformation, connecting us to whats important, to our longing, truth, wisdom and bliss.

What better way to harness Winter Solstice than with the mighty Kundalini Yoga? The Kriya (sequence of exercises) and meditation chosen will be chosen for inner energy, wisdom and transformation. All levels of experience welcome, including beginners.

WHEN? Wednesday 21st December 2016 18:00 – 19:15 (75 minutes of the full Kundalini Yoga experience) and there is tea afterwards

WHERE? Jasmine Room, The Birmingham Buddhist Centre, 11 Park Road, Moseley, B13 8AB

HOW MUCH?  You decide what you wish to pay to the teacher following class. What did you receive? And what can you give in return?

All are very welcome. All equipment is provided, and there is even an organic Yogi Tea to finish! Class will start on time and you will not be allowed to join if you have missed the warm up so please watch the traffic coming into Moseley village.

Hema has been teaching yoga since 2007. She has trained in two styles of yoga – Hatha Yoga with Prana Yoga College in Thailand in 2007 and later Kundalini Yoga (with iSKY).

IS THIS EVENT FOR ME? From a total beginner to more experienced, anyone who can breathe can take part in Kundalini Yoga – it is super accessible. Expect a lively first half – physical/dynamic/aerobic (but with lots of modifications so you can always do something) and half wind-down and meditation. And a immediate stress relief, happiness and vitality!

Join us and pause during this hectic holiday season to remember the things that matter most. Restore so that you’re able to tune into the best of yourself for the rest of the season. Experience the bliss of who you truly are and allow that to attract even more bliss into your life.

Kundalini Yoga can help you say “Enough is finally enough”—and mean it. Feel stress drain away, enjoy a lift to your entire being and leave with healthy radiance and authentic happiness.

These special events require reservation – get in touch to book your spot and join us!