We are on the verge of a major paradigm shift that extends across the sciences, from physics to medicine and biology. This shift involves a transition from the mechanistic Newtonian model to the acceptance of the Einsteinian paradigm of a complex, yet interconnected, energetic-field-like-universe.

Human beings are mind/body/spirit complexes which exist in continuous dynamic equalibrium with higher energy dimensions of reality. These higher energies endow the physical framework via the Indian chakra-nadi system and Chinese acupuncture meridian system, working in conjunction with the body’s biocrystalline and bioelectronic networks.

The seven major chakras in the body are specialised energy centers in the body which provides nutritive energy for health and maintenance of the body integrated physiological system. Each chakra takes in life force energy and distributes it via energy pathways to the major glands, nerve centers and organs of the body.

An individual’s level of emotional growth and spiritual development is directly related to the functioning of each major chakra. The amount of chakric energy flow in turn affects the physiology of the associated body parts and organs. There is key symbolism behind the location of illness in the body and the emotional blockage that is occurring within the personality. For example, the fifth chakra, or throat center has influence over the major glands and structures in the neck region. Diseases involving imbalanced throat chakra include larynx issues, neck problems and issues with the vagus nerve which leaves the brainstem and travels down the neck to innervate the heart and lungs. Difficulties in self expression may be seen here as a problem in exerting the will to communicate one’s true feelings.

The Wellbeing Sessions are monthly workshops to keep you revitalised on all levels that you are. They are a guided 2 hour journey using the complete science of yoga including mantra, meditation, yoga, relaxation, integration. They are specially designed to be beginner friendly and useful for more advanced to renew, heal and nourish. They work individually and you do not have to have been to any previous ones to benefit.  In the Wellbeing Sessions thus far, to keep the offering rounded and grounded I have been sharing with you an accumulation of up-to-date yogic, scientific and Eastern knowledge refined over the last 10 years from teachers and authors such as Yogi Bhajan, Richard Gerber, Cyndi Dale, Caroline Myss, Caroline Northrup and Osho.

This weekend’s session we focus on the Upper Triangle which consists of the Throat Chakra, Third Eye Point and the Crown Chakra.

Fifth Chakra (Throat Centre) – Truth, Choice and Will
Thyroid and parathryroid and cervical ganglia medulla nerve plexus
Related to metaphysical lessons of choice; force of words; truth and intuition

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye Centre) –  Wisdom, Mental Energy
Pituitary Gland, and Hypothalamus Pituitary nerve plexus
Lessons of living on purpose, open mind, clarity vs over intellectualizing, rejection of spirituality

Seventh Chakra (Crown) – Faith, Divinity, Oneness
Pineal gland and Cerebral cortex pineal nerve plexus
The part of you that knows you are larger than this individual life vs fear and lack of trust in God

Mantra Chanting
We will use the amazing healing mantra ‘Ra Ma Da Sa (expands towards to heavens ) Sa Say So Hung  (brings healing qualities of infinity to you) to connect to healing energy of the universe and create healing vibrations for health and rebalance the entire auric circulation.

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Wellbeing Session Yoga Meditation Moseley 2016