“Your heart has not to open to others. Your heart has to open to yourself” ~Yogi Bhajan


We are born with love. We learn fear. The spiritual journey can be seen as unlearning fear and returning back to our natural essence of unconditional love.

The Sanskrit name for fourth major energy centre in the body, that of the physical heart, is Anahata, meaning Unbound.

The Anahata is symbolized by a smoke-green lotus with twelve petals, known in Buddhist circles as the heartmind. ‘Unbound’ defines unconditional love as it means without beginning and without end. You love yourself and others regardless of any conditions. Unbound doesn’t mean clinging or possessive either. Boundlessness is trusting. There is no limit to love that is available to you, but for most there is a limit to the amount of love you are willing to receive and give. It is interesting to watch our attitudes around feeling worthy enough for love.

What are the parameters that your heart has set to limit what you allow yourself to give?

When we’ve been hurt, we protect ourselves by building a heart wall. The wall keeps the world at a safe distance so that we don’t feel that pain again. Walls build up overtime. They act as a lampshade growing thicker, dimming our brightness. We can become fearful, insecure, hardened and disconnected.

What happens when you melt this heart-wall? Can you bless those that have heart or angered you? Can you forgive yourself for hurting or angering others?


Your task is not to seek for love but to merely seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it” ~Rumi

The heart center of the human body is the generator of all emotions including love, kindness, jealousy, anger, hatred. The heart can be considered the most powerful of all of the chakras because it has the utter authority to create or destroy. As such the Heart energy may also be the most challenging to master.  If your heart energy is managed by Tribal power then your emotional connections will be limited. The spiritual challenge of the fourth chakra is to unlearn condition-filled love, which makes the heart an instrument of private agendas. A giving person may give to receive, or reduce love to acts of manipulate and attempts to control others. In the heart chakra space, we find balance between our earthly desires and spiritual pursuits.

I find myself focusing a lot on this chakra, both in my own practice and while teaching. I guess I feel like you can’t go wrong with opening your heart, and no matter how open you think it is, there is always more room for expansion. Kundalini Yoga is the art of unlocking your potential to connect to your infinite aspect. It is the journey of becoming ‘unbound’.

Unconditional love is tough and takes practice.  This is love which sets people free. It requires healthy barriers, an intelligent heart, devotion, leaps of faith and courage.  First, a yogi must have the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras in balance in order to attempt to come from the heart. Without this lower triangle there is not a stable base for the heart. For example, when the 3rd chakra is weak, one may manipulate and play games in order to gain love rather then feel worthy of it and allow it. The person is attempting to come from the heart, but there are blockages.

Stress and Intuition
I think about Stress and the causes of stress a lot. A largely unrecognised source of stress is the lack of alignment between what our mind says and what our intuitive heart is quietly trying to tell us. It’s like being pulled in two different directions. The Greeks viewed these contrasting aspects as being in a constant struggle for control of our inner experience.

Good news: hearing intuition doesn’t have to be random or difficult. With practice, it can be accessed by everyone and used in daily life. Intuition is simply accessing information that operates outside classical boundaries of time and space (non local information). To access your intuition and intelligence, modern science is reinforcing a yogic standpoint – you need coherent heart energy.

Practical intuition enhances health, wellbeing, relationships and performance in a broad range of contexts.

Wellbeing Session – 4th Chakra Journey – Heart Healing and Radiance

There is a fascinating synthesis of ancient wisdom, modern medicine and scientific research that proves that the human heart, not the brain, holds the secrets that link body, mind, and spirit. This workshop is for those who crave deeper connection with their hearts and others’ through understanding yogic and modern science of the heart chakra.

In a safe and supportive healing space we will explore themes of the heart such as heart energizing, clearing anxiety and fear, processing grief, forgiveness of self and others, interconnection with life, and inviting in the experience of love using:

Selected Kriya and Meditation to establish a partnership between our mind and heart
The compassion meditation Metta Bhavana
Meditations to open the heart to love
Breathwork to clear anxiety and reduce fear
Mantra chanting to uplift, enliven and awaken in a high frequency collective energy

We will be unlocking inner guidance and intelligence to enable us to navigate through changing times with more personal balance, coherence and heart-based connection with each other.

All are welcome to join for personal for individual emotional healing. The research and yoga and meditation tools used are dedicated to simplifying this process. Complete beginners are welcomed. Meditation cushions, yoga blocks and blankets are provided to support the body and enter a relaxed and meditation state more quickly.

How 4th Chakra Transformation helped me in my journey

The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra is Anahata which means unbound. It can refer to how we become free from the material measures of success. Freedom, joyfulness and deep peace become hallmarks of living in the heart centre.

In 2007 I abruptly left a well paid management corporate role in the London rat-race to arrive in Thailand for a month of immersion in yoga philosophy and posture. I was lucky to have the opportunity of stripping away the masks and external trimmings in a space where nobody knew me and I was free to be vulnerable. For the first time in my life, I met myself openly and had no choice but to start accepting and liking. It was then I would start to relate to myself authentically and begin the shadow work. I would make conscious my many internalised distortions. I would confront my shame and forgive myself. I was melting my heart walls and befriending myself finally. Success was about to be redefined for me over the coming years.

To join us on November 5th for the Heath Chakra Wellbeing Session you can book your spot by clicking below