“Creation is ready to serve you if you just be you” Yogi Bhajan

Nothing is impossible for you when you have faith in yourself and in your purpose. But when you have the reserve energy to project your will, you are unshakeable.

The Third Chakra is known as Manipura, the energy around the Navel Point. In the Ancient Shastras it states that “all yoga starts at the Navel Point” as it’s the centre of energy transformation in the body.
Manipura is the energy of you, your ‘self’. It is your ego centre, the power zone of your survival intuition.



At the level of the first chakra (Muladhara) we decipher how to belong. At this level we accept the circumstances of our birth – tribe and family, the package into which we are born.
At the level of the second chakra (Svadhishthana) we learn about relationship exchanges.
At the level of the third chakra we learn to whom we belong, our personal, individual sense of identity. We learn to accept the package of our self – talents, intelligence, looks – affirming who we are.

As Caroline Myss states, the motto of the third chakra is “Honor Oneself”.
The key word here is Self.
The self is comprised of our outward persona and our interior soul.
The energy of the self can be used in many ways – Selfish, to self-starting to self-empowered.

The spiritual task is moving from self consciousness to consciousness of the self.
When we balance our ego and spirit, we come into our own.


To develop our intuition means learning to hear intuition.
This entails trusting your sense of self.
You need to get out of your way to perceive information from energy fields.
Intuition is the natural consequence of having self-esteem, the greatest power that you can have.
Self esteem is holding yourself in love and regard.
With self-esteem you know in your gut that you can handle the unknown and you can help others without fear which is true liberation.
With self esteem we believe in ourselves and can risk vulnerability, wonder and spontaneous delight or any other experience that reveals the human spirit.

The Hindu name Manipura means “city of the shining jewel”, a metaphor of the beauty of the empowered self


The energy of Manipura is about learning to listen to interior self rather than external influences. At this centre you bring together self esteem and intuition in order to act from your power.

When the energy of Manipura is not balanced, Yogi Bhajan said that a person has to compensate. If you don’t feel like you have enough energy to accomplish tasks, or feel valued, you reach out for other sources of energy be it people, food, drugs or distractions. When you cannot rightfully express your feelings, your sense of self is contracted. When unbalanced in Manipura, you can energetically hemorrhage when giving too much for the wrong reasons and can suffer from depression, exhaustion pain (all symptoms of rescuer fatigue). You negotiate self respect for the sake of someone else or sell yourself short for a job. You sacrifice yourself for others without giving to yourself first. You have weak boundaries.

A person who is strong in the third chakra has a strong sense that their life and quality of life depends on what they do. There’s a deep confidence and a willingness to initiate. When this chakra dominates the person is expressive and exhuberant. A strong third chakra is the the doorway to heart centered consciousness.

To balance Manipura do Maha Shakti Kriya
Maha means ‘greatest’ and Shakti is ‘energy’.
Stretch your legs out together in front, sitting up straight. Inhale and slowly raise legs both 60 degrees, then exhale as you lower them. Do this 10 times. After the 10th, hold the legs up, stretch the arms out parallel to the ground and balance in this position with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes as your look at the toes. Then inhale, hold, and relax.

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